Erectile Dysfunction Is Having An Adverse Effect On Men These Days


What is ED (Erectile Dysfunction) known as?

Let’s begin with the basics. Erectile dysfunction is can be described as a persistent difficulty in maintaining and getting an erection, also accompanied by reduced libido. This condition has become common and its impacts on the relationship have become worse. Erectile dysfunction has become a vital sign of men’s overall health, especially heart.

ED hurts man emotionally as well as physically. It also destroys the relationship. Concerning all these issues of men, many medical experts recommended Kamagra 100mg tablet to one who consults medical experts in these situations.

How is erection caused?

Erections are caused by the distention of blood vessels in the penis, it attains to reason that clear artery and a strong heart are important for men’s sexual performance.

Causes of male impotence, however, are not limited to cardiovascular problems. Specialists can differ from hormonal imbalance to chronic inflammation to mineral deficiencies, etc. chances are that if you are experiencing dysfunction it is recommended to visit a medical expert to cure erectile dysfunction in men.

Impotency related biomarkers you need to track:

1) Cholesterol: As blood cholesterol levels increase, cholesterol constantly gets settle on arterial walls, forming a plaque that leads to slow down the blood flow or stop completely. When this occurs in the penis the erection and duration problem takes place.

In spite of popular belief, having a trim waistline or normal BMI will not protect you from ED; obviously perfectly healthy and overweight people can have excessive cholesterol, especially if it is genetic. So moral of the story is to keep a track on your cholesterol.

2) Free Testosterone: If you had a feeling that impotency is anyhow connected to a testosterone imbalance, then you were right: because studies show that men with moderate levels of distributing free T were more likely to have impotence issues than those with normal levels. Commonly speaking, testosterone is a vital element in man for precise muscle function in the penile area. Thus, if you don’t have erectile dysfunction, low free T can reduce your capability to maintain and gain erections. So, If you are reaching the ED line it is recommended to eat a mixture of magnesium-rich foods to boost your levels safely.

3) HDL: HDL is common and known as “good cholesterol” as it operates by picking up bits of collected cholesterol from the arteries and bring it back to the liver for the recycling process. Raised HDL helps to exchange the process and research has also agreed that high HDL lowers the chances of getting erectile dysfunction.

4) Magnesium: New studies have mentioned that erectile dysfunction is most common in men who have fewer magnesium levels. This is more relatable to elderly men with chronic kidney diseases, the implications are much farther-reaching. Also, it plays an important role in endothelial (blood vessel lining), inflammation, function, and testosterone generation.

So, the proof is still fresh but managing your Mg levels can’t hurt.

Thus, it is important to follow expert advice and keep track of some important biomarkers to prevent erectile dysfunction.

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