Can A Man Take Kamagra Without Having ED?


Some of the most generally used and abused prescription belongs to a family of a drug called phosphodiesterase 5 inhibitors. Some doctors may also suggest you to order suitable ED trial pack as Cialis, Viagra, and Levitra, etc but Kamagra is well known amongst them. However, Kamagra and the other PDE 5 inhibitors are meant to be consumed only by men who have erectile dysfunction issues (ED).

Kamagra 100mg is the go-to ED pill for erectile dysfunction. An effective oral treatment that permitted men to get an erection besides the earliest oral treatment that has been determined as effective and save for men who do not have any medical issues such as heart infirmities, that contraindicates it.

However, Is Kamagra so safe that you can take it even if you don’t have impotency issues? You may be tempted to borrow a tablet from a family member or friend just to try it.

Doctors say “it is not risky if you take the pill once but it is suggested that if you don’t have Erectile dysfunction issues then do not take it”.

If in case, you are worried about ED problems or if you notice symptoms related to ED then consult a medical practitioner immediately.

The risk of misusing ED pills?

The ED pills have some potential risks that all men should know about. “They can also be misused if men are not aware of the potential risks,” said a medical expert. Even if you have impotence issues and you misuse a PDE-5 inhibitor you can increase the risk of cardiovascular issues. Some misuse can include:

1. Consumption of Nitrates (medication for chest pain)

2. Having congestive heart failure

3. Taking several other medicines for high blood pressure

4. Have low blood pressure

5. Have exercise intolerance

6. Have active coronary heart issue

7. The bottom line on Erectile dysfunction: Be Familiarized:

Don’t simply focus on the happy and smart people in the ED advertisements on the television. Accept the voiceover about contraindications and side-effects. “If you have not been accurately assessed by your medical practitioner and properly prescribed an ED drug then you should not be consuming it” Warned by a medical practitioner.

Ask your medical practitioner whether you are healthy and fit enough to take the Kamagra or ED all in one trial pack. Make sure that you are familiar with the side effects and other important information. Tell your medicinal practitioner about other medications you take as interactions with the drug are possible with a lot of common drugs for eg; seizures, angina, blood pressure, a blood thinner, etc.

An erection that stays for more than 4 hours is not safe and if you observe pain while urinating or pain while erection then you should consult a medical practitioner immediately and stop taking the ED drug.

Kamagra and the other PDE 5 inhibitors are prominent drugs for normal men. They may produce an erection in over 90% of men with ED. Research has found out that millions of men have administered these medications safely without causing any side effects.

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