Female Sexual Dysfunction: How are Women Affected by It?

Female Sexual Dysfunction How are Women Affected by It (1)

Female Sexual Dysfunction is a common condition among women, but reports show less data as women often are embarrassed to discuss their sexual health problems, even with their gynecologists. You can buy Lovegra 100mg online, an ultimate solution to female sexual dysfunction.

Many women in their adult lives may suffer from sexual health problems, which can go unnoticed if they don’t speak about it. Issues like non-existent vaginal discharge, discomfort, pain during intercourse, less sense of arousal, and difficulty in getting an orgasm. Talking about these issues can be embarrassing, but being open about it can really help.

A woman’s sexual response depends on experiences, beliefs, physical, emotional, and lifestyle. Some women may have this difficulty at any stage and some may have to bear this throughout their life. Every woman has different experiences on sexual health issues, it may occur in specific sexual situations or in all situations.

What are the Symptoms of Female Sexual Dysfunction?

Difficulty in Getting an Orgasm: Women may have continuous or recurrent problems in getting an orgasm even after getting aroused.
Decreased Sexual Desire: This is the most common issue with sexual dysfunction, where a woman lacks sexual interest and isn’t willing to engage in a sexual activity.
Less Sense of Sexual Arousal: A woman may have sexual desire, but getting sexually aroused and maintaining that arousal during the sexual activity can be difficult.
Pain and Discomfort: Women may experience pain and discomfort during sexual intercourse, even a little bit of contact can cause discomfort.

Discussing the issues with your doctor can be helpful. Talk about your sexual condition and medical history, perform pelvic exams, do some blood tests, and find out the underlying cause that may be contributing to the sexual dysfunction.

Causes of Female Sexual Dysfunction

Female sexual disorders can be caused due to physical and psychological factors. To overcome sexual disorders buy Lovegra 100mg online.

Physical Causes of Sexual Dysfunction

• Diabetes
• Kidney or Liver disorder
• Hormonal Changes
• Surgical operation of pelvis
• Side effects of certain medications
• Coronary heart disease

Psychological Causes of Sexual Dysfunction

• Work pressure
• Stressed about your sexual life
• Stress and anxiety
• Traumatic experience related to sexual activity

Women above the age of 40 usually are the ones who experience sexual troubles and with growing age her reproductive system gets weak and there’s a decrease in the production of testosterone as compared to in the 20s.

If you are hesitant to visit your gynecologist, you can first try talking to your partner. Discussing sexual health problems with your partner can take away your fear, and you will be more comfortable talking with your doctor.

Taking medical assistance can help you overcome the issue, your doctor may prescribe you medicines. If you are still hesitant to consult with your doctor, buy Lovegra 100mg online and resolve the issue.

The Bottom Line

Every woman at some point in their life will go through female sexual dysfunction. If not spoken out loud it could cause a strain in your relationship. Taking help from a healthcare provider could be a good choice.

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